Testimonials from Parents and Teachers

“Pepita has been helping my son who has had major anxiety issues around study and was very demotivated. She has been a lifeline, giving him hope and belief and helping turn him around. She is extremely insightful and was able to both quickly understand him as a person and devise ways of tackling his issues. It’s taken a lot of patience! She has already made a huge impact though, and we couldn’t have done the last several months without her. We can’t thank her enough!”

Simon, Dad of Tom in Year 11

Pepita has guided my Son to believe in himself, focus on his strengths and improve his confidence and resilience at school and at home. In only a few sessions I saw a positive change in my son and more importantly he saw a positive change in himself.

I will hang on to Pepita’s number as I will call on her brilliant skills in the future as my children progress through the challenges they face during their education.

Very few exceed expectations – Pepita Torbrand is one such exception.

Emily, Mother of Sam in Year 6

‘A real eye opener as to how thinking patterns affect student performance! A highly practical course with very effective and engaging strategies to change unhelpful cognitions, procrastination and performance anxiety, maximising every student’s potential.’

Dr Claudia Strobel Head of Careers and Lifelong Learning, Oxford High School for Girls

We simply cannot recommend Pepita and her work highly enough. Our son had not done as well in his Year 10 GCSE modules as he should have done as he was often badly stricken with nerves. In two Skype sessions Pepita was completely able to solve this problem and our son’s results drastically improved. It was the best money we have ever spent.

Since then our son has set up regular sessions with Pepita in order to help him with his procrastination and other ‘teenage’ issues. We have also recommended Pepita to many of our friends who have had the same experience as we have.

Steve – Managing Director Dragonfly Training and Dad of Toby in Year 12

“Having first discovered Pepita and her work through my own work organising training events for teachers, where Pepita delivered superb hands-on and interactive sessions to serving teachers wanting to improve their own coaching skills, I then presented her with a knotty problem: would her methods and expertise help my very-able-but-totally-lacking-in-confidence child with performance anxiety in her chosen sports? 

Despite my child being much younger than her usual clients, she agreed to give things a go and the transformation in my child’s thinking and outlook have been unbelievable. From a self-sabotaging nervous child, she has blossomed into a much more confident being and is much closer to being able to achieve her potential. 

She’s now working her magic on my older child, who is much more sulf-sufficient, yet is getting an equal amount of value out of their sessions together.

I highly recommend Pepita – I would go so far as to term her the ‘teen-whisperer’.”

Eirian, Mother of Mari in Year 7 and Rod in Year 12

A very engaging course which gives real insights into coaching and how to use it with your students. Pepita is a very engaging speaker and her material is backed up by proven research methods. There is much to think about and apply in your own practice by promoting excellence and building resilience and flexible thinking in students.

Dr Peter Secker Deputy Head, Oxford High School for Girls

Pepita was introduced to me by a tenured education veteran. I feel grateful to have had her help. In a handful of sessions, I have seen results. I see a child turn from being unmotivated to being motivated, from suffering from a negative self image to being able to articulate positives about herself. Her strategies are easy for kids to grasp and are action oriented. It is well known that the Teens are a tricky phase yet instead of going with the flow and hoping they will find their way out of the phase, Pepita provides tools and skills so they can find joy in this phase. Thank you Pepita! 

Sharon, Mother of Elizabeth in Year 7

Testimonials from Students

I have learnt how to improve my performance by setting specific goals!

Y12 student

“I found this course very interesting, motivating and eye-opening. Thank you!”

Sixth Form Student

“I enjoyed it as it made me rethink my attitude when it comes to my academic future.”

Sixth Form Student

“I learned a lot today. Especially how my thoughts have a big impact on my performances. That’s why I want to change some of these thoughts and believe more in myself. Thanks a lot.”

Sixth Form Student

…it really makes you aware that how you are thinking affects what you do…and it has definitely had a more positive outlook on my work.

Y13 student

I have learnt how to improve my performance by setting specific goals.

Sixth Form Student

Negative thinking is the DOOR, positive thinking is the KEY!

Y11 Student

Awareness of the blocks stopping us from success. Realising ways to improve on this. Acknowledging that our mental attitude isn’t always accurate and that we can control the outcome if we put our minds to it!

Y11 Student

Feel I have addressed what I find hard – negative thoughts. Identified my key-strengths. I have more faith in my abilities! Thank you!

Y11 Student

I now know that I don’t always have to be perfect, and I know steps and methods to achieve my goals and minimalize irrational thinking and negative attitudes

Y8 Student

I’ve learnt that I can stop procrastinating. I now know that I can change my mindset to improve how effectively I study.

Y11 Student

I have learnt to channel concepts of ‘perfect’ into inspiring me to excel rather than scare me into failure

Y12 Student

Underestimating your ability is much more of an obstacle than your ability itself. Perfectionism is a counter-productive habit. I have learnt to understand that I am the only one standing in the way for achieving my goals! Thank you!

Y11 Student