Our values: Promoting Confidence, Happiness, Motivation and Success by Going the Extra Mile for Every Student and in Every Session

My Story

I am a Chartered Psychologist, Performance Coach, Experienced Teacher and Educational Consultant, having worked as Head of Psychology at Oxford High School for Girls where I also led the whole school Cognitive Behavioural Coaching Project.

My story goes back to 2004 when I started my journey in Psychology. Having finished my BSc hons and MSc in Psychology and having a passion for coaching, in 2011 I started my PhD in Coaching Psychology focusing on Executive Coaching.

I quickly realised that as my true passion is working with students, I could use the coaching tools with a younger audience. I adapted the coaching techniques used, developed my own resources, conducted and published academic research in coaching psychology and the rest is history!

Meet Pat

As an experienced leadership coach and educator, I have worked with people ranging in age between three and seventy, in environments that include schools, universities, families, sports, the armed forces as well as the executive field. I lived in the United States for 10 years, where I trained sports coaches whilst also working as a football coach.   

As well as being a Performance Coach (MA in Coaching), I am a Qualified Teacher (BSc in Sports Science, PGCE in Physical Education & Mathematics). I am especially interested in how we can use strategies from the sports field to enhance family communication.  It has been my privilege to help individuals and teams become the best versions of themselves and I believe this is something which is an essential ingredient to experiencing joy and freedom in our lives and families.

Meet Freya

My name is Freya McCarthy. I have an BSc hons degree in Psychology and am currently completing my MSc in Clinical Psychology, before doing my PhD in Clinical Psychology. I love working with kids and teenagers and have worked in special needs and mainstream schools, as well as an activity leader and kids’ coach.

My key interest lies in working with children and teenagers with SEND and additional needs.

After having been taught Psychology by Pepita and being trained in coaching4schools’ 12 step coaching programme, I have witnessed first-hand what a difference our mindset makes on our performance! My aim is to give every child the best experience and skills possible to equip them for their future and achieve their best.

Meet our Careers Coach Claudia

I am an experienced Careers Coach, who combines my independent work with my role as Head of an award-winning Careers department at a leading independent school. After an M.A. in Classics from the University of Heidelberg and a doctorate from Oxford, I taught as a university lecturer at Oxford University, the University of Melbourne and Monash University.

My insights into the admissions procedures allow me to help young people prepare for the application process: from deciding which course at which university, writing personal statements, interview prep, to helping with gap year planning, studying abroad, as well as work experience, volunteering and further reading suggestion.

In other words, I enjoy helping young people make decisions about their future wisely!

How does it work?

The coaching tools I use are cutting edge, coming from the fields of Positive Psychology, Sports Psychology, Cognitive Behavioural & Solution Focused Coaching. They work brilliantly for students, helping them embrace their key strengths to unlock their potential and increase resilience, motivation, confidence & success. The best part? Students love it!  This is my true reward. Because I know the students I work with have a new-earned mindset that will improve their confidence, courage and success, not just in school, but for life!

My Coaching is Collaborative, Fun & Engaging

In coaching, it is all about your child. Each session offers a range of highly collaborative and engaging coaching activities & strengths assessments suited to their unique situation & needs. I use bespoke tools and strategies, selected to get to know your child better and for your child to understand themselves better! The first step to success, is after all, self-awareness. Want to find out more? Get in Touch

My Webinars & Teacher Training