Does your child want to achieve more but doesn't know how?
Does your child procrastinate, engage in self-doubt, fear of failure, or negative comparison?
Does your child need help to set, get and excel in their academic goals?

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My Aim with Coaching

My aim is simple. Helping every child reach their full potential in any area of life they want to work on. I help students and parents alike in a wide range of areas from Sleep & Social Media, Procrastination and Self-Sabotaging tendencies, University- A Level- GCSE & Senior School Entrance-Test Preparation, as well as Confidence, Motivation, Strengths Mapping, and Enhancing Wellbeing & Academic Performance. My tools and activities are uniquely tailored for each student I work with, stemming from Cognitive Behavioural Coaching, Positive Psychology, Solution Focused Coaching & Sports Psychology. Want to learn more? Get In Touch!

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What I do best

Like any field of coaching, whether it be sports, athletics or academic coaching, I believe that a child’s mindset is what helps them excel. I also believe that we can choose which mindset to use.

Having a wealth of experience coaching students both as a Chartered Psychologist (BSc MSc CPsychol), 
Educational Consultant, Performance Coach MISCP (Cert in Coaching, Problem Focused Coaching, Performance Coaching) and Qualified Teacher (QTLS), I work with unique strategies in my individualised coaching sessions to help each child reach their true potential.

Coaching for Parents

Complementary to coaching students, we also help parents create effective ways of dealing with high pressure everyday situations by promoting positive and authentic communication. 

In parent coaching, we build each coaching session tailored to your needs and requirements to help your family flourish as well as acknowledge your many strengths as a parent!

Our parent & family coaching is based on the fields of Sports Coaching, Cognitive Behavioural Coaching, Executive Coaching & Positive Psychology. Want to find out more? Get in touch!

Optimise Exam Performance
Is your child anxious about exams, not gaining the grade they feel they deserve, or not performing as well as they know they can?

I help students unlock their true potential with highly engaging, practical, effective & cutting-edge coaching strategies. Want to know how? Get In Touch!

Unlock confidence & motivation

Does your child want to become the best version of themselves but doesn’t know how to get there?

The path to success is often shorter than we imagine if we use the right strategies!
By focusing on working with students Key Strengths, Inner Coach & setting
Goals2GET, I help students enhance their self-awareness, motivation & confidence.
Want to know how ? Get In Touch!

Increase resilience & wellbeing
Does your child experience procrastination, negative comparison, self-doubt, unhelpful perfectionism, performance anxiety or fear of failure?

In Performance Coaching we change this, using techniques from the field of sports psychology such as affirmative thinking, visualisation, motivational imagery & stress release techniques. Want to know how? Get In Touch!

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By developing the right mindset, every child can succeed & coaching helps them get there.

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